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August 15, 2016

I am honored and pleased to announce that I have passed the leadership torch to my daughter, Christina Ferguson, MS, CPC.  As the "Mother-Daughter Duo," we have worked together the last six years building the business and bridging the gap of possibilities.  This restructuring of The Aniya Group  LLC  will be an exciting journey of growth as Christina takes the business to the next level of service and expands into the global marketplace.  Please welcome and congratulate Christina Ferguson, our new Executive Director.

Dora Carpenter, Founder


Why The Aniya Group?

Our purpose and passion is to serve humanity for the betterment of the world.  We believe that positive shifts in mindsets, attitudes, and perspectives will cause a ripple effect in individuals, families, workplaces, communities, and the world.  At The Aniya Group, we won’t dwell on your past, or judge you for why you are the way that you are.  We will help you acknowledge, accept, and take inspired action going forward to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.  We want you to wake up tomorrow morning loving life.

Christina R. Ferguson, MS, CPC

Executive Director

As executive director of The Aniya Group, Christina Ferguson’s goal is to expand the brand, reaching a global audience as we build dreams and positively impact individuals, families, homes, workplaces, communities, and the world.  She brings a widely versatile background in life coaching, administration, and healthcare industry experience, and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Christina Ferguson is a published author, certified professional coach, licensed Feel the Fear® trainer, and certified “Yes You Can” trainer.  Resulting from her curved balls of life, she leads support groups for separated and divorced women and is founder of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day, an annual event that educates on the devastating effects of this behavior and supports those who have been affected.   Christina maintains memberships in American Psychological Association, Learning Disabilities Association of America, and National Association of Self-Esteem.  Her gentle, humble spirit and heart of service for the wellbeing of others has earned her respect and admiration as the coach who “makes you feel like you are talking to your best girlfriend.”


Dora Carpenter, CPC


Dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals for personal and professional success, Dora Carpenter is known for challenging and motivating clients to take action and move forward in life transitions, grief, and fear.  Her gentle and empathetic approach is articulated in her coaching, writing, speaking, and mentoring.   Working in the death care industry and assisting hundreds of families with making final arrangements for loved ones birthed her passion for coaching.  Dora says "too many hopes and dreams are buried in the cemetery" and she wants to encourage people to live out their potential in the now.  Hence, her mantra is "Everything in life is temporary, including life itself.  Decide to say Yes! to the gift of now.”  Since her teen years, Dora has had a passion for learning, leading, and helping.  Through coaching, training, and mentoring, she embraces her ability to share her gifts as a ‘helpingpreneur’ to individuals as they navigate the challenges and adversities of life and loss.  Her books provide helpful information in an easy-to-read format, and she has been a guest on podcasts, radio, and television.  Dora Carpenter is a certified life coach, certified grief coach, certified consumer's funeral consultant, founder of The ANIYA Group, and founder of From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program.  She is also one of a select group personally licensed by internationally known best-selling author and motivational speaker, Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. to teach her Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® work in the United States.  Dora Carpenter has been recognized by the National Association of Distinguished Professionals as a professional in her field and featured in Women of Distinction Magazine.  Visit Dora Carpenter's website here.

What Others Are Saying ...

“My coaching experience was absolutely wonderful.  It was the best week of my life because my coach tailored my instructions to fit me which encouraged me to see them in a different light and most importantly my coach listened to me.  I even went out of town and was thrilled that she came with me via the phone!  I was able to take ownership of the things that I was not doing and effectively implement the things that I knew I should be doing in a timely manner, resulting in a happier more effective me!  I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world because I am still on top of my game thanks to her.  My session ended some time ago and I am still encouraged by and overjoyed with this life changing experience.”  R. Prather, Maryland
"I received excellent tools to help me deal with the grief from my losses. I highly recommend."  Gregory Billings, Washington, DC
"Dora, No words can express how much this 'Decide To Say Yes!' Boot Camp changed my life. The tools and techniques have been life changing and the relationships that I've made will be forever. You are a God send! I appreciate all that you have done. I have decided to say YES!"  Sandra Schmidt, Upper Marlboro, MD

"Thank you Christina.  It was like talking to a best friend.  You listened without judging me"  R.D., Linthicum Heights, MD

"I enjoyed every aspect of the workshop. I received much more than I anticipated and look forward to future workshops that provide me the opportunity for personal growth as well as to reach out to share and encourage others."  Kathleen Jennings, Jackson, MS
"Thank you so very much for a wonderful day full of positive energy."  Susan I. Young, Spotsylvania, VA
"I am pleased to share how impactful the two sessions on grief conducted by Dora Carpenter were. Our class was held inside of the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women.  The participants were grieving various losses, from children to parents, etc.  We were all tremendously blessed and encouraged by the insight and wisdom we received from Ms. Carpenter.  She not only encouraged us to move forth, but she also challenged us to live our lives to the fullest, while providing practical steps we could take to do so.  I highly recommend this for anyone who is in the grieving process, as well as anyone who wants to help someone who is.  In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to discover her counsel also included ways to make preparation for that day when we all must face dealing with the death of a loved one."  Lettie Moses Carr, Chaplain, Maryland Correctional Institution for Women, Jessup, MD

"More than worth the time and money. Dora is an energetic and engaging presenter. She provided real tips and tools that I can use every day to reduce stress and improve my life."  Cynthia Crockett, Washington, DC

"I have learned so much. I have learned that I count as a person, that no decision is a "wrong" decision. This seminar has opened up a "new world" for me." "I Can Do It."  M.J. Surina, Stafford, VA

"Yes, we have to have you on for another podcast! You are actually an authority on grief whether you know it or not. I'd like to focus on the helpful things a person can say to someone who is grieving and the supportive actions family and friends can use to support a grieving individual. Dora, it's not just that you know what you're talking about - it's clear that you've walked your talk AND are embodying. That doesn't mean that any of this stuff is easy - exactly the opposite, for that appears to be the definition of mastery: you've put in the blood, sweat, and tears and now from the "outside" it all looks like it's a breeze :)"  Robert “Bob” Wright, Jr., Ph.D., COFT, Florida

"Dora, I have to tell you I think of you and your programs often -- It's a stellar program and you have such a great way of conveying the information."  Tina, Washington, DC

"Very informative and highly energetic!  Dora and Christina both are such wonderful people.  A blessing for so many people.  They have both done so much for me to progress forward in life.  I love you both.  Keep moving forward and keep shining that bright light."  R. Smith, Central City, KY

"Thank you for your heartfelt presentation of Susan's Work.  You are an amazing presenter.  I want you as my coach (and life-long friend). " Margo Powell-Reid, San Diego, CA

"The day was transformational!  I see a path forward through a challenging situation.  Dora is an engaging, inspiring coach.  The exercises in the workshop were extremely helpful."  Alexis M. Blount, Linthicum Heights, MD